VIRILITI is an erotic gaming group for men. We encourage friendly competition in a variety of games that test players wits, stamina, skill and sexual prowess. Game Days will be hosted monthly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Players must be over the age of 18.


Please note that these are just some preliminary game ideas. We'd love to hear your ideas for games.


A policy of safer sex is strictly enforced. Players are asked to get tested regularly for STIs to ensure the well-being of the group.


Leagues are made of groups of mutually attracted men. When this website has been fully developed, players will be able to create a profile and select which members they want to play with. The website will automatically find the largest groups of players with mutual interest and put them into the same league. Players may belong to multiple leagues, however games are only played with one league at a time.


All players will receive a tag which displays the player's alias and sexual limits (such as no penetration). The tag will also display any titles the player currently holds, such as "Best Cocksucker".

Scoring and Titles

Players earn points while competing in games. Points are categorized based on the demonstrated skill. For example, the player who wins a blowjob competition would earn 10 points under the category "cocksucking". At the end of each Game Day, the points are tallied and titles are given out based on who holds the highest score in that category. Also, the player with the highest total score for the days is known as the WINNER. In the orgy that follows the end of games, the WINNER is granted the privilege of giving orders to the other players. Players must obey the WINNER as long as the orders given are within the player's limits and are deemed reasonable by the Host.

At the end of the Season (6 Months) the player with the highest total score is awarded the prestigious title of MR VIRILITI. Just as the WINNER is able to give orders at the end of game day, MR VIRILITI is able to give orders at any time to members of the League until the end of the next Season.


This page is just a placeholder for now, so in the meantime if you're interested in helping the group get started, email

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